Joe Haywood, Warm and Tender Love

This Bobby Robinson production from the Enjoy label was covered by Percy Sledge. Joe Dean Haywood was born in 1939 and unfortunately is no longer living. “Warm and tender love” was also issued with an Island label on WI-218. “Warm and tender love” was written by Haywood in 1960 when his daughter Deborah was born.

Joe Haywood and his wife Rose | possibly late 50s | Public Domain | Soul Detective | 14490

Sir Shambling’s biography and discography of Joe Haywood.

Soul Detective: Joe Haywood.


Popsike | wi218a.jpg

Updated 14 Dec 2014


2 thoughts on “Joe Haywood, Warm and Tender Love

  1. Thank you for what you did. I have been collecting records since 1964 and I thought Percy Sledge did it first. It sounded good and the label picture was clear. Long live 45’s and vinyl!

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