The Wallace Brothers, Precious Words/You’re mine



The Wallace Brothers | Public Domain | 14494

What we know is: The Wallace Brothers weren’t brothers, they were cousins. The photo shows three young men but there were actually six in the group when this recording was made. Four of them were cousins John Simon and Ervin Wallace on lead vocals and also Cooky and Earnest (sic) Wallace. The identity of the remaining two is unknown at the time of writing. At the time of recording the band members were in their mid to late teens.

This was their second recording. It was issued in America on the SIMS label and was recorded at Fame Records, Muscle Shoals, in 1964 and released on UK Sue the same year. The Wallace Brothers recorded a few singles for SIMS and Chess.

Does anyone know the identities of the remaining band members, and the identities of the young men in the photo, please?

Billboard No. 31, 1964

Sir Shambling’s account of the Wallace Brothers

Billboard feature on the Wallace Brothers


Updated 29 July 2016



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