Little Richard, It ain’t what you do/Crossover


Richard Wayne Penniman (Little Richard) was born on December 5, 1932. Little Richard’s It Ain’t what you do was recorded for Veejay records. Released in the UK on Sue WI 4015 in 1966. Little Richard had more hit records in the UK than in the US!

Did not chart.


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Birdlegs and Pauline (and the Versatility Birds) – Spring/In so many ways


Released on Sue WI 4014, licenced from VeeJay records. Birdlegs and Pauline were man and wife in 1963 when they made this record for a small label, Cuca of Milwaukee. Pauline Shivers died a few years ago. I am not aware of Birdlegs’ real name (but it might be Bird).

Billboard No. 94, July 1963

See The Veejay History website.

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Dr Bob Jones/45 Cat


Theola Kilgore, I’ll keep trying/He is coming back to me


Theola Kilgore was born in 1925 and died on 19 May 2005. She also recorded gospel records under the name of Theola Kilgord. This recording was produced by Ed Townsend, with whom she was associated for a number of years, in 1964. She recorded for other labels especially Mercury, where her recording of “Its Gonna Be all right” became a Northern Soul hit. Her biggest success was “The Love of My Man” in 1963.

Chart position data not available, but it is understood that this record did not chart.

Theola Kilgore on Super Soul Sisters blog


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