June Batemon and Noble “Thin Man” Watts: I don’t wanna/Noble’s theme


Issued as Sue WI 347, Noble Watts was born on February 17, 1926 and died on August 28, 2004. June Batemon was his wife. June Batemon was credited as Bateman on record labels.

Please see additional information kindly provided by Dave Hewitt in the comments below.

Chart position data not available.

Label scans of additional June Batemon/Noble Watts recordings:

June Bateman A

Collection of Dave Hewitt | JuneBatemanA

June Bateman B

Collection of Dave Hewitt | JuneBatemanB


Updated 5 August 2016



2 thoughts on “June Batemon and Noble “Thin Man” Watts: I don’t wanna/Noble’s theme

  1. Hi, Noble was indeed born on the 17th February in Deland Florida in 1926, June was born in Schulenberg in Texas in 1942 then the family moved to New York. I can confirm that June Batemon, (correct spelling of surname which was always missplet on her records), was indeed married to Noble Watts. They were introduced to each other by Jimmy Spruil and then June started travelling with Noble and his band. After he broke up the band they worked together at Sugar Ray Robinson’s club as the house band and it was here that Clarence ‘Mookie’ Jackson the owner of the Clamike label first heard her sing.
    This track actually got five releases including the British Sue issue, it also came out twice on Clamike, both issues with the number 500, The first is shown as featuring June Bateman with Noble’s Theme as the flip then later the same year as June Batemon with I still Love him as the flip. The later was arranged by Robert Banks, who would later work on a couple more of June’s tracks. Clarence had so much faith in the track that he would release it twice more, once on each of his Arrawack and Odessa labels. Both would feature I still love him as the flip, with the Odessa release being the last issued in 1965. June finally gave up performing full time in 1970’s when she went to work for New York State as a travel consultant.
    I have label scans of the Arrawack release from my collection if you give me an email to send them to.

    Dave H

  2. Dave, thank you for the additional and comprehensive information. I have amended the spelling of her surname to the correct version throughout the web site. Very best wishes, Paul

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