Gerri Hall: Who can I run to/I lost the key


Scheduled as Sue WI 4026, but was not issued. Gerri Hall was nicknamed “Gerri” because of her crazy antics similar to the most popular clown of the time, Jerry Lewis. She is the sister-in-law of Rosemary (Hall) Domino and Reggie Hall, was from New Orleans and sang with Huey Piano Smith and the Clowns. Does anyone have up to date information for Gerri Hall please?

Chart position data not available.


Image: Philip Hughes

Thanks to Philip Hughes who has imagined what the record would have looked like.

Data record updated 25 July 2015

Updated 3 September 2016



6 thoughts on “Gerri Hall: Who can I run to/I lost the key

  1. Hi, I actually commissioned a vinyl 45 of Gerri Hall ‘Who Can I Run To’ with Jackie Day ‘Before It’s Too Late’ on the other side and I got my son to make me up some authentic looking Sue UK labels with the correct issue numbers. I could upload an image if anyone would like to see it.
    Regards, Phil

  2. In 1968 on Tonys record stall in Shudehill Manchester 100s of Sue records turned up,I bought multiple copies of certain tracks and sold spare copies to local record shops.Amongst these could well have been an issue of Gerri Hall (full label etc).I say this because Dave Phillips(no relation) Soulbot states his friend(renknown record collector)Dave Lomas had a copy on Sue.I believe that could be the case because they would have thought it was released and not knowing the significance of this record

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