Lisa Richards, Let’s take a chance


Lisa Richards’ Let’s take a chance was recorded in New York in 1964 and appears on ILP 976.

Steve Bryant/Sir Shambling | 14620

Chart position data not available.

Updated 19 October 2016



6 thoughts on “Lisa Richards, Let’s take a chance

  1. A great record, a favourite of Dave Godin. Also released on Vocalion V-P 9244. US Sureshot according to that label – picked up by Duke-Peacock-Sureshot for national distribution?

  2. A Fantastic rendering! I actually grew up listening to this record. Lisa Richards is my aunt. I appreciate this recording more today than I ever did when I was younger!

    • Hello Allen, Any chance you could give us further details about Lisa, very little is known about her and as far as I know she only made one record. If you only have one disc issued you might at least make it a classic ! Cheers, Phil.

  3. Paul, You will have Allen’s email addy, is there any chance you could ask him to contact me ? There’s a few questions I’d like him to ask Lisa for me. I’d be very grateful.

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