Mr Dynamite, Sh’mon Parts 1 and 2


Legend has it that Mr Dynamite is none other than the fabulous James Brown. Well… it wasn’t. It was a group called The British Walkers, who were vocalist Bobby Howard, Jimmy Carter, Jack Brooks and Steve Lacey. The record was arranged by jazz musician Charlie Hampton. His band provided the brass section. It attained cult status in the UK, but flopped in America.

Did not chart.




And here are The British Walkers. Picture: Bobby Poe Jr., with thanks

In April 2013 Sh’Mon by Mr Dynamite was re-released on a 7″ vinyl single by Ace/Kent Records.

Data record Updated 3 September 2016



2 thoughts on “Mr Dynamite, Sh’mon Parts 1 and 2

  1. It’s always nice to see “Sh’ Mon” get some attention. Bobby Poe (my dad) released the single on his Soultime label in the mid-1960’s and he also leased it to Guy Stevens and Chris Blackwell at Sue. My dad was the co-manager of The British Walkers, who at one time featured legendary guitarist Roy Buchanan on lead guitar.

    “Sh’ Mon” can be found on a compilation on Ace/Kent Records – that label has also put out some great compilations of the Sue catalog. Last, but not least, the picture of The British Walkers you have up is another band with the same name. I’ve put some pictures up on the band’s MySpace page ( – the picture with the band walking a bulldog is the version of the band that recorded “Sh’ Mon”. Additional information can be found at my dad’s website ( Thanks for bringing back some nice memories!

  2. Bobby, thanks very much for the information. The photo has been changed at your suggestion. The record is much loved here in the UK. Best wishes, Paul

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