Phil Upchurch: Nothing but the soul/Evad



Phil Upchurch | Jazz Music Archives | 14650


Phil Upchurch was born on 19 July 1941. After working with The Kool Gents, The Dells, The Spaniels, Curtis Mayfield, Otis Rush and Jimmy Reed, Woody Herman, Stan Getz, Groove Holmes, B.B. King, and Dizzy Gillespie you can only write that he is a highly regarded jazz, soul and blues musician. The singles of the “Phil Upchurch Combo” issued on UK Sue were recorded in 1961.

Did not chart.

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Effie Smith: Dial That Telephone


Effie Bly (Effie Smith) was born in Oklahoma in 1914 and died in Los Angeles of cancer in 1977. She is the mother of record producer Fred Smith. She was a singer and a comedienne and made a number of recordings for the World War Two effort before having her own career as a recording artiste. She then went to work in the office of Stax Records in Memphis. Effie recorded this song twice – in 1953 and in 1960 – and the Sue release on WI 4010 is thought to be the 1960 recording.

Billboard No. 36, 1965.

Effie Smith | Uncle Marv/Billy Vera | 14652


Rockabilly nl article on Effie Smith

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Tim Whitsett, Macks by the tracks/Shine


Tim Whitsett, born in Jackson, US in 1943, is understood to be the record industry personality Tim Whitsett who is noted as a singer, writer, musician, and record producer. He started recording in his teens for a variety of record companies. Macks by the Tracks was recorded for Rim records and issued in the UK on Sue WI 318. The song was written by Tim and Carson Whitsett who were members of the Imperial Show Band which was disbanded when members were called up for active service. It is beleived that Macks by the Tracks is by the band, but confirmation is sought. By the early 1970s he was working at Stax Records in charge of their copyright publishing division. He has since worked for UK record companies.

Chart position data not available.

Carson Whitsett died on May 8, 2007.



The Imperials in 1966. Photo: Tim Whitsett (Son) | 14653

Tim and Carson Whitsett and the Imperial Show Band in 1968. Photo: Tim Whitsett (Son). The line up is: Carson Whitsett, Bucky Barrett, Jimmy Hodo, Tim Whitsett, Tommy Tate. | 14654

Tim Whitsett’s (son) page on MySpace

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