Phil Upchurch: Nothing but the soul/Evad



Phil Upchurch | Jazz Music Archives | 14650


Phil Upchurch was born on 19 July 1941. After working with The Kool Gents, The Dells, The Spaniels, Curtis Mayfield, Otis Rush and Jimmy Reed, Woody Herman, Stan Getz, Groove Holmes, B.B. King, and Dizzy Gillespie you can only write that he is a highly regarded jazz, soul and blues musician. The singles of the “Phil Upchurch Combo” issued on UK Sue were recorded in 1961.

Did not chart.

Updated 1 September 2016



2 thoughts on “Phil Upchurch: Nothing but the soul/Evad

  1. Hi,
    In 1966 I purchased WI-4017 Nothing but the soul/Evad. Since 2010 I have noticed that the copies advertised for sale or on sites such as youtube and including both the tracks above are different in arrangement to the single I purchased. Also the running times differ with Nothing running at 2.27 and Evad at 2.21.
    They are NOT completely different tunes, just different arrangements with ‘Nothing’ having more Horns and a faster tempo.
    Universal are of little to no help at all.
    Everything else all adds up.. matrix number ect .

    Any idea’s.

    • This is a quite common occurrence in the 1960s with UK singles. Sometimes when a record was re-pressed I noticed that a different master tape or a different take or a different edit would be pressed into service (for technical reasons). An example is Walk on By by Dionne Warwick on Pye International, which, when repressed, had a completely different take of “Any old time of the day” on the B side. It was common to find that the operators re-printing the labels were not provided with updated information, hence the divergence.

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