Jimmy McGriff – The Last Minute LP


“The Last Minute” | Sue Records | ensue2.jpg

Jimmy McGriff’s LP “The last minute” was issued in the UK by Ensign on Sue ENSUE 2. It is essentially identical to ILP 908, It’s Gospel Time, only the original US Title and art work has been restored.

Track listing confirmed: Gospel Time | Gospel Time Encore | Spindletop | Teach Me Tonight | The Last Minute | Moonlight In Vermont | Blip Time | One Of Mine | Drown In My Own Tears | Broadway

Track listing supplied by Paul

WI 361 Test Pressing


Collection of Dave Hewitt | wi361tp1

A rare test pressing of a Sue 45 rpm single, WI 361, “Boogie Chillen” and “I’m in the mood” by John Lee Hooker, has been acquired by Dave Hewitt, who has kindly shared these images with us.

Test pressings were made in small quantities as part of the manufacturing process, before beginning a production run. They were normally discarded and not made available to the public.


Collection of Dave Hewitt | wi361tp2


Collection of Dave Hewitt | wi362tp3


Tim Whitsett – Shine


Tim Whitsett, born in Jackson, US in 1943, is understood to be the record industry personality Tim Whitsett who is noted as a singer, writer, musician, and record producer. He started recording in his teens for a variety of record companies. Macks by the Tracks was recorded for Rim records and issued in the UK on Sue WI 318. The song was written by Tim and Carson Whitsett who were members of the Imperial Show Band which was disbanded when members were called up for active service. It is beleived that Macks by the Tracks is by the band, but confirmation is sought. By the early 1970s he was working at Stax Records in charge of their copyright publishing division. He has since worked for UK record companies.

Chart position data not available.

Carson Whitsett died on May 8, 2007.



The Imperials in 1966. Photo: Tim Whitsett (Son) | 14653

Tim and Carson Whitsett and the Imperial Show Band in 1968. Photo: Tim Whitsett (Son). The line up is: Carson Whitsett, Bucky Barrett, Jimmy Hodo, Tim Whitsett, Tommy Tate. | 14654

Tim Whitsett’s (son) page on MySpace

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Big Mama Thornton, Monkey in the barn


Released on Sue WI 345, Willie Mae “Big Mama” Thornton was born in 1926 and died of a heart attack in 1984 aged 57. During a long career she recorded the first version of Hound Dog in 1952. It is understood that Tom Cat was recorded in California in 1965.

Chart position data not available.


Big Mama Thornton | Public Domain | 14627


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Alexander Jackson and The Turnkeys, Tell it like it is


Sue UK certainly liked putting out some obscure records at times. This one has two titles – it is also known as Flea Pot – and Alexander Jackson and the Turnkeys are also known as the Lala Wilson Band! Lala Wilson is understood to be the bass player. Can anyone provide a full line up of this band, please.

Thanks to Mike Atherton for the updated information.

Chart position data unavailable.

So many records, so little time


45 Cat

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The Baron, In the Mood


Released on Sue WI 398 and “produced by Guy Stevens”, The identity of The Baron – and for that matter, the current whereabouts of his “pounding piano” are unknown. This recording is quite rare and a copy recently sold at auction for £39.

Did not chart.


John Porteous

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Tarheel Slim and Little Ann


Tarheel Slim’s real name is Alden “Allen” Bunn and he was originally a member of a vocal group called The Larks. Little Ann is his wife, Anna Sanford. This record was licenced from the Enjoy label and is understood to have been recorded in or around 1958.

Did not chart.

Rukusjuice | 14501

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