Alexander Jackson and The Turnkeys, Tell it like it is


Sue UK certainly liked putting out some obscure records at times. This one has two titles – it is also known as Flea Pot – and Alexander Jackson and the Turnkeys are also known as the Lala Wilson Band! Lala Wilson is understood to be the bass player. Can anyone provide a full line up of this band, please.

Thanks to Mike Atherton for the updated information.

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So many records, so little time


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Updated 13 October 2017


2 thoughts on “Alexander Jackson and The Turnkeys, Tell it like it is

  1. …and the B side is actually called ‘Sweetie Lester’. I think Mr. Wilson was a West Coast session musician but I’m not really sure. I discovered the record’s true identity while browsing through the collection of Peter Shertser (Red Lightnin’ blues label owner), the disc on Aura looked interesting, I played it, and said “Blimey, that’s Alexander Jackson!” Guy Stevens was quite good at inventing artist names – I don’t think Edgewood Smith existed either, though his Tailfeathers (not “Fabulous”) did.

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