WI 361 Test Pressing


Collection of Dave Hewitt | wi361tp1

A rare test pressing of a Sue 45 rpm single, WI 361, “Boogie Chillen” and “I’m in the mood” by John Lee Hooker, has been acquired by Dave Hewitt, who has kindly shared these images with us.

Test pressings were made in small quantities as part of the manufacturing process, before beginning a production run. They were normally discarded and not made available to the public.


Collection of Dave Hewitt | wi361tp2


Collection of Dave Hewitt | wi362tp3


2 thoughts on “WI 361 Test Pressing

  1. Well done Dave, who must have reached deep into his pockets to buy this (I saw how much they were asking for it on eBay). White-label “pre-release” issues were quite common on ska labels, such as Island, at the time but I have only seen one other Sue blank: Hurt By Love by Inez Foxx.

    • Thanks Mike, wasn’t cheap however I didn’t pay the asking price which interestingly had been reduced from a previously even higher amount. Never ever seen a Sue test pressing before only ever heard the rumours such as Geri Hall being on one so had to add this to the rest of the collection. Nice to know about the existence of the Inez Foxx one. Hopefully others might start to surface and be shared on here in the future, it all helps to expand on the story of the label.

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