About Sue UK


Sue Records UK was a subsidiary of Island Records and was founded by Chris Blackwell and Guy Stevens in 1963. The first issue, WI 301, was ‘Mockingbird’ by Inez and Charlie Foxx.  The first few releases were all sourced from Juggy Murray’s Sue records of New York. Gradually records were leased from other American record companies. The records were snapped up by collectors of soul, blues and rock and roll music and were much sought-after.

In the 1980s Ensign records relaunched the Sue label for a short time. In recent years some CDs have been released celebrating this legendary 1960s record label, which was originally closed by Island in 1969, but refused to die…

…arguably the most collectable series of discs on a single label.

– Clive Richardson, Soul Citizen

Fascinating label.

– Graham Shaw

This website commenced on 30th October 2011 and hopes to include all music issued on the Sue UK label including the Island, Ensign and Kent issues.

West Hampstead Life have an article which includes the history of Island Records. (Opens in new window.)

Island’s former address 108 Cambridge Road is now the site of a large block of apartments.


Guy Stevens | Manchester Soul | 14674


A Sue UK Release Sheet | Collection of Grahame Joyce | 15075

Guy Stevens’ Compliments slip | Collection of Graham Shaw


Shop window sticker | Collection of Álvaro Rubio Romo


Undated picture of patrons outside the Scene Club, where Guy Stevens DJ’d | Collection of Graham Shaw

Updated 4 June 2017




8 thoughts on “About Sue UK

  1. Hello. I have enjoyed looking through this site, which I have just discovered today. Sue has been my favourite UK label for many years and I have had the pleasure of contributing to a couple of reissue projects reviving the label’s music.
    May I offer a couple of comments? The Big Mama Thornton single was recorded in California in 1965. The lead singer of The Anglos was Joe Webster, not Jimmy Miller.
    Best wishes,
    Mike Atherton

  2. Paul

    From its beginning, the UK Sue label was the major source of my intro to a whole world of rock, soul and R&B back in the 60s. I am forever grateful to DJ Mike Raven for pointing me to the label and a big thanks to you and your site for flying the flag too.


  3. Can I offer my support in creating the first ever UK Sue appreciation meet. I am sure there are many of us out there and would love to bring together the many collectors, experts and enthusiasts. Ideally it could be located in the UK (although i know live in NY now) but would love to travel to such an event. It could combine with a possible swap meet, auction and guest speakers. Just a thought and hopefully this idea may gain traction.

    Graham Shaw

  4. Something a bit like it happened in London last September – a gathering of former Island employees, some of whom stretched back to the Sue days, in what used to be their after-work local pub in West London. I was lucky to be invited along as a guest. There used to be a Sue Appreciation Society, based at 13, Grantock Road, somewhere in East London, but that was a long time ago.

  5. When Sue Records purchased the Fury label from Bobby Robinson was my records with the group? My group the “Emotions” and the “Three Emotions” recorded on Bobby’s Fury label. Red Fury label records number 1010 is: “Candlelight and It’s Love”, . Yellow Fury label record number 1026 is “The Night We Met and The Girl I Left Behind”. I am Bill Rodriguez and I am the originator and one of the singers of the group. You can hear these songs on YouTube and see a black and white photo of us. I still have a group and still sing. billyr75wr@yahoo.com

    • Hello Bill, those recordings were not issued on the UK version of Sue Records. Does anyone reading have any further information that can help Bill, please? Very best wishes, Paul

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