T V Slim – Hold me close to your heart


Oscar Wills (“TV Slim”) was born on 10 February, 1916 and died on 21 October, 1969 in a car accident. He had a television repair shop and sang and recorded part time for his own record label, hence his nickname. “Hold me close to your heart” was released in the UK on Sue ILP 921 “We sing the blues”.

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T V Slim | Darryl Stolper | Wirz | 15020

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J.B. Lenoir And His African Hunch Rhythms: I sing um the way I feel/I Feel So Good


J B Lenoir was born on March 5, 1929 and died on April 29, 1967. In 1963, Lenoir recorded for USA Records as ‘J. B. Lenoir and his African Hunch Rhythms’, developing an interest in African percussion. Shortly afterwards he toured the UK and Europe. He is remembered also for his zebra skin style stage suit. Unfortunately he died from injuries received in a car crash.

Recorded in Chicago on July 23, 1963 the personnel is understood to be J.B. Lenoir, Donald Hankins, Jarrett Gibson, Lafayette Leake, Willie Smith, “Peeples”, and Willie Dixon..

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Willie Mabon, Just got some/That’s no big thing


Willie Mabon was born on October 24, 1925 and died on April 19, 1985 in Paris after a long illness. He had been one of the legendary Chess label’s first successes in the early 1950s with his cool blues and jazz style. He moved to other record companies, recording in both Chicago and Memphis, but did not achieve the same degree of success. This record comes from 1963 and was issued on Sue WI 331.

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Homesick James, Crossroads/My baby’s sweet


Released as Sue WI319. Homesick James, real name thought to be John William Henderson, although he also used the surname Williamson, was born on May 3, 1914 and died on December 13, 2006. He was born in Memphis but moved to Chicago. A maestro of the slide guitar, he played in the band of Elmore James with whom he is alleged to be related.

Guardian Obituary

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The Daylighters, Oh Mom/Hard headed girl


Oh Mom was licenced from Tip Top Records. On this recording the lineup of the Daylighters was Tony Gideon, Eddie Thomas, Charles Colbert Jr., Curtis Burrell And Ulysses Mcdonald. They were backed on this recording by Gary & The Knight Lites; Charles Colbert joined that group and they were renamed American Breed, a name under which they had some success. Oh Mom was recorded in 1964.

Tony Gideon has contacted us. He formed the Daylighters at Hooper City High School, in Birmingham, Alabama in 1956. He moved to Chicago in 1958. Tony sings on “Oh Mom teach me how to Uncle Willie” which was produced by Edward “Eddie” Thomas, Charles “Chuck” Colbert, Jr.and Tony Gideon for Colbert Productions, Inc. and released on one of their labels: Tip Top Records, before it was leased to a close friend, Juggy Murray, the owner of Sue Records (USA).

I would like to thank Mr Gideon for his invaluable help in compiling this item.

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The Daylighters. Left to right: Ulysses “Bunky” McDonald, Charles “Chuck” Colbert, Edward “Eddie” Thomas and Tony Gideon. | Public domain | 14499



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