WI 361 Test Pressing


Collection of Dave Hewitt | wi361tp1

A rare test pressing of a Sue 45 rpm single, WI 361, “Boogie Chillen” and “I’m in the mood” by John Lee Hooker, has been acquired by Dave Hewitt, who has kindly shared these images with us.

Test pressings were made in small quantities as part of the manufacturing process, before beginning a production run. They were normally discarded and not made available to the public.


Collection of Dave Hewitt | wi361tp2


Collection of Dave Hewitt | wi362tp3


Tarheel Slim and Little Ann


Tarheel Slim’s real name is Alden “Allen” Bunn and he was originally a member of a vocal group called The Larks. Little Ann is his wife, Anna Sanford. This record was licenced from the Enjoy label and is understood to have been recorded in or around 1958.

Did not chart.

Rukusjuice | 14501

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Lowell Fulson, Too many drivers/Key to my heart


Lowell Fulson | Public Domain | 14642

Lowell Fulson was born on March 31, 1921 and died on March 7, 1999 of complications from kidney disease, diabetes, and congestive heart failure. He served with the US Navy from 1943 to 1945. He leaves behind a number of blues classics which indicate his major contribution to blues music. Too Many Drivers was recorded for the Kent label in 1964. His many awards include The Rhythm and Blues Foundation’s Pioneer Award in 1993.

Did not chart.

Classic 45s

991 | 14643


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