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ILP 950 Soul Connection by The Wallace Brothers | wallacebrothers

Complete track listing: Lovers Prayer | I’ll step aside | Precious words | Hold my hurt for a while | These arms of mine | Love me like I love you | Girl’s all right with me | Stepping stone | She loves me not | Faith | I’ll let nothing separate me | Talking about my baby | One way affair | Bye bye bye | Who’s foolin’ who | Go on girl

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Wallace Brothers: Lovers’ prayer/Love me like I love you


The Wallace Brothers’ single was released on WI 355. Ace records released a CD of their material of this period – which quickly sold out such is their continuing popularity.

For more information about The Wallace Brothers, see WI 334.

Johnny Simon continued his singing career for other labels after leaving the Wallace Brothers.


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The Wallace Brothers | Sir Shambling | 14583

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Roscoe Shelton, Question/Strain on my heart


Roscoe Shelton was born on August 22, 1931 and died on July 27, 2002 of unknown causes. He first came to attention singing with gospel groups The Fireside Gospel Singers and The Fairfield Four. In the book “Just my soul responding”, Brian Ward notes that Shelton once had to hide under his car to escape being beaten up by Klansmen in Mississippi.

“Strain on my heart” was his best selling record and was made in 1965. It was issued on Sue WI 354.

“Strain on my heart” R&B Top 40 1965. Highest position not available.



Roscoe Shelton | 14584

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The Wallace Brothers, Precious Words/You’re mine



The Wallace Brothers | Public Domain | 14494

What we know is: The Wallace Brothers weren’t brothers, they were cousins. The photo shows three young men but there were actually six in the group when this recording was made. Four of them were cousins John Simon and Ervin Wallace on lead vocals and also Cooky and Earnest (sic) Wallace. The identity of the remaining two is unknown at the time of writing. At the time of recording the band members were in their mid to late teens.

This was their second recording. It was issued in America on the SIMS label and was recorded at Fame Records, Muscle Shoals, in 1964 and released on UK Sue the same year. The Wallace Brothers recorded a few singles for SIMS and Chess.

Does anyone know the identities of the remaining band members, and the identities of the young men in the photo, please?

Billboard No. 31, 1964

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