King Curtis – Soul twist



King Curtis | Capitol Records | 16198su

“Soul Twist” by King Curtis and the Noble Knights was released on Sue UK LP ILP 943 “Dr Soul”. The recording dates from 1962.

Saxophonist Curtis Ousley (King Curtis) was born on February 7, 1934 and died on August 13, 1971. Ousley started playing saxophone at the age of twelve in Texas. During his successful career he played blues, soul, jazz and rock music. He is heard on many Atlantic 1960s hit recordings and is possibly best known for his record of “Memphis Soul Stew”.

Curtis was killed on August 13, 1971 when he was stabbed by drug dealer Juan Montanez on the steps of his apartment.

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The Naturals -Lenny Goofed


“Lenny Goofed” by The Naturals was released on Sue LP ILP 943 “Dr Soul”.

There were at least three groups called The Naturals. Most of them are vocal groups and this is an instrumental.

The US label credits “Holler Smith and Jones” and it is thought that the recording is by session musicians. “Holler” may be Dick Holler, a pianist and session musician and songwriter (Abraham Martin and John). The track was recorded in New York in 1963.

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