ILP 951 – Bob and Earl – Harlem Shuffle

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ILP 951 Harlem Shuffle by Bob and Earl |

Complete track listing: Baby it’s over | Dancin’ everywhere | Your time is my time | Baby I’m satisfied | I’ll keep running back | Harlem Shuffle | My woman | The cissy | Your lovin’ goes a long way | Puppet on a string | Don’t ever leave me | Fancy free

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Bob and Earl, Harlem Shuffle/I’ll keep running back and Your time is my time


I’ll keep running back was the ballad on the B side of Harlem Shuffle.

Your time is my time was a Mirwood single, placed on the UK LP of Harlem Shuffle.


Bob and Earl | Discogs

Bob and Earl were originally Earl Lee Nelson and Bobby Byrd (Bobby Day) but in the early 1960s, Bobby Byrd decided to pursue his solo career, and Bobby Relf became the new Bobby. Bobby Relf had sung in a number of vocal groups which also included Barry White, who arranged “Harlem Shuffle” for producer Fred Smith. Earl Lee Nelson also recorded under the name Jackie Lee, and also maintained a solo career, and is probably best remembered for his records of “The Duck” and “Darkest Days”. The duo had already split up when “Harlem Shuffle” became a big hit in the UK on the Sue label, and reunited to tour and for further recordings. Relf and Barry White continued to work together for a number of years, Relf contributing songs to White’s LPs.

Robert Nelson Relf was born on January 10, 1937 and died on November 20, 2007.

Bobby Relf obituary

Barry White (Barry Eugene Carter) was born on September 12, 1944 and died on July 4, 2003.

Barry White obituary

Earl Lee Nelson (Jackie Lee) was born on 8 September 1928, and died on 12 July 2008.

No obituary currently available.



Collection of Dave Hewitt | dhbobearlharlem


Collection of Dave Hewitt | dhbobearlrunning

“Harlem Shuffle” reached US 44 Pop, UK Pop 7 (on reissue).

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