Professor Longhair: Baby let me hold your hand/Looka no hair


Henry Roeland Byrd, known as Professor Longhair, was born on December 19, 1918 and died on January 30, 1980. Released as Sue WI 397. Baby let me hold your hand is a re-working of a traditional song; it has also been re-worked by Bob Dylan and The Animals.

Did not chart.


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Larry Williams, Bony Moronie


Larry Williams was born on May 10, 1935, was a friend of Little Richard, a cousin of Lloyd Price, and wrote some rock and roll classics during the late 1950s. Bony Moronie is one of them and it was recorded in 1957, and with all Specialty recordings of the time issued in the UK first on London American HL-U 8532. Williams was a talented, but also a troubled man who died on January 7, 1980 aged 44.

US Pop No. 14, R&B No. 4, UK No. 11, 1957.

Plastic Dreams


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